How to reduce jail population

April 10, 2014 

The jail is too big. The problem with St. Clair County is there are too many criminals. The "war on poverty" or "the great society" is now 50 years old. I challenge anyone to show me a city of 30,000 or more that is safer today than it was in 1964. A simple solution -- true welfare reform.

A single mother with one child signs up and receives "x" amount of assistance. If she has a second child, her assistance would be reduced by 50 percent. A third child, no assistance at all. In 20 years, the St. Clair County jail could be reduced to the size of a Taco Bell.

This will never happen. One political party would stand in the way. The party that once stood for the "working middle class" has lost its way and a large part of their following believe that they are owed something from every level of government. Raising taxes and throwing money at all of your social problems rarely helps and in most cases makes the problems worse. Sticking poker machines on every corner is only going to compound our problems. Solid leadership? I don't think so.

Byron Waldron


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