Real estate: What's your neighbor's home selling for?

April 13, 2014 

Recent real estate transactions for St. Clair, Madison and Monroe counties.



* 29 Dianne Drive; from Cheryl L. Cretton; to KPJ Enterprises LLC; $39,000.

* 504 S. High St.; from Brian Davidson and Sarah Coors-Davidson; to Gregory M. Odom II; $159,000.

* 112 N. Pennsylvania Ave.; from Guardian Savings Bank; to James K. Hawkins and Valerie G. Hawkins; $161,000.

* 2000 Reserve Walkway; from Daniel McNamara and Julie McNamara; to Shambra C. Collum; $155,000.

* 1335 Orchard St.; from Michael T. Sternau and Nora Sternau; to Andrew R. Sternau; $62,500.

* 3424 Dakota Drive; from New Tradition Homes LLC; to David A. Northrop and Amanda C. Northrop; $259,000.

* 4064 Shiloh Station East Road; from Sharon M. Zrenner; to Jacob J. Hartmen and Brittney L. Sanchez; $115,000.

* 25 Villa Drive; from Robert Huelsman and Georgia Huelsman; to Ronnie Dixon; $86,500.

* 10 Bridie Drive; from Alfred Parker and Andrea Parker; to Antonio Santos and Candice Santos; $214,000.

* 1722 Laurette Lane; from Timothy F. Lester and Stacey R. Lester; to Robert E. Weidler and Ashley L. Weilder; $84,000.

* 2907 Reiss Ave.; from Larry E. Norsigian; to Vanchoi Vo and Amber D. Vo; $87,000.


* 1152 Camp Jackson Road, Darlene Fulton; to Hassan Nurie; $19,000.


* 9 Acordi Drive; from Rocky Demond; to Paul Durr; $64,000.


* 146 Helen Place; from Linda S. Pokorny; to Malcolm W. Purcell; $77,000.

* 13 Heatherwood Drive; from Dale J. Wood; to Richard W. Paul; $151,000.


* 916 N. 84th St., Joanne Jegglin; to James Oneal; $2,000.

fairview heights

* 113 Cheshire Court; from David L. Klingensmith; to Taylor J. Bundt and Jennifer L. Bundt; $179,500.

* 870 Clemson Ave.; from David Northrop and Amanda Northrop; to Christopher Holmes; $168,000.

* 7438 Wolf Run Trail; from David A. Dawkins and Susan Dawkins; to Robert A. Brendel and Linda S. Brendel; $335,000.


* 702 Mary Ann Court; from Matthew R. Neibrugge and Danielle G. Niebrugge; to Donald B. Brown and Carol D. Brown; $167,500.

* 3904 State Route 15; Carol Rodriguez; to renee Middendorf and Mathew L. Moeckel; $122,000.


* 1106 Anna Court; from Mike Vandeloo and Ann-Marie Vandeloo; to James D. Williams and Jill D. Williams; $234,000.

* 114 Brookfield Estates; from James Pennebaker and Teresa Pennebaker; to Joseph Detmer and Danielle Detmer; $228,000.


* 613 Michael D. Gilkerson and Linda F. Gilkerson; to Christine S. Reeble; $84,500.

* 325 Grant Drive; from Kenneth J. Rasp; to John Biekert and Lisa Biekert; $128,000.

* 620 Joseph Drive; from Raymon Kunkel and Carrie Kunkel; to David B. Anstedt, Samuel A. Gischer, Jenni Gischer; $99,000.


* 1308 Keck Ridge Drive; from LF & Son Construction LLC; to Shannis Stock; $250,000.

* 201 Ruth Drive; from Sharon M. Zrenner; to Marissa Graves and Joseph Graves; $122,000.

* 1205 Bossler Lane; from Gary R. Schamburg and Carolyn B. Schamburg; to Tory B. Edwards; $260,000.

* 663 Royal Crest Way; from Wendy McSweeney; to Thomas Smith and Sarah Smith; $220,000.

* 120 O'Fallon Troy Road; from Alberternst Construction Inc.; to Marcus A. Wade Jr. and Martina K. Ritchhart; $390,000.

* 738 Winfield Drive; from Kelvon Puk and Poonam Patel; to Aretha W. Thomas; $170,000.


* 508 E. Waters Edge Drive; from Mervin Morris and Thera Morris; to Patrick Wade and Dearest Clayton-Wade; $310,000.

* 203 Southridge Drive; from Robert J. Baer and Elizabeth J. Baer; to Terry J. Lang and Karen M. Lang; $187,000.


*3608 Scotdale Drive; from Melinda Thompson and Kiko Perez; to Adam Wilson and Lisa Wilson; $178,500.

* 1010 Fox Trotter Drive; from Deidre P. Corker nka Deidre P. Phillips; to Curt MaMahon and Kristin McMahon; $210,000.



* 2868 Circle Drive; from Shelia J. Vielie aka Shelia J. Sanders; to Stacey G. Canzian and Daniel M. Canzian; $30,000.

* 4614 Storeyland Drive; from Daniel A. Nelson; to Samuel W. Kizer; $117,000.

* 4305 Briarcliff Drive; from John C. Nippert; to Thomas M. McBee and Katherine L. McBee; $129,000.

* 5426 Nelson Place; from Kenneth J. Guetersloh; to Brandon A. Smith; $86,500.


* 1995 Lemontree Lane; from Vincent A. Giovando and Andrea Giovando; to Jacob McClain and Ashley McClain; $175,000.

* 1105 Ridge Ave.; from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.; to David Hutchison; $85,000.

* 403 Meadow Lane; from Gary J. Wellen and Lois A. Wellen; to Randolph J. Bagent Jr. and Brooke L. Bagent; $108,000.

* 300 Jamestown Court; from Richard W. Welle and Kim A. Welle; to Robert B. Mitzel and Debra A. Mitzel; $186,000.

* 1985 Lemontree Lane; from Steven C. Wical and Carmen I. Wical; to Frederick L. Georg and Janice M. Georg; $168,000.

* 6091 Tara Lane; from Bouchaib Ziadi and Martabeth Ziadi; to Phllip D. Elmore and Cheri D. Elmore; $365,000.


* 4 Tall Oak Drive; from Federal Home loan Mortgage Corp.; to Cory Downer; $85,500.

* 482 W. Rosedale Drive; from Daniel Johnson and Bonnie Johnson; to Kristi Adames; $96,500.


* 1513 Gerber Road; from LJC Partners LLC; to Alex J. Helton and Kristin M. Hagan; $239,000.

* 3 Sharpsburg Court; from Leonard M. Randin, John Rankin, Jill M. Vallow; to Francis Reitemeier and Dorothy Merkles; $259,000.

* 3769 Wanda Road; from Fannie Mae; to Elln Washburn and Barbara Leveling; $61,000.

* 308 Shea Court; from Thomas R. Miller and Kimberly S. Miller; to Matthew J. Gorlewicz and Jenna L. Gorlewicz; $385,000.

* 3351 Drysdale Court; from Ben J. Topercer and Rachel A. Ropercer; to Robert S. Hume and Christine C. Hume; $480,500.


* 18 Glendale Drive; from Amanda K. Levens; to Craig M. Sido and Cari S. Sido; $175,000.

* 29 Windermere Drive; from Laurie J. Moore and Michael J. Moore; to Greenwood Property Investment Inc.; $80,000.

* 181 Somerset Drive; from Gary A. Gregg and Guadalupe C. Gregg; to Ryan F. High and Laura D. High; $333,000.


* 902 Pardee Road; from Donald P. Bechtold and Roberta J. Bechtold; to Eric S. Bechtold and Jenna L. Bethtold; $125,000.


* 3108 Willow Ave.; from Homeinvestors LLC; to Ryan L. Guffey; $80,500.

* 2342 St. Bernard Ave.; from Rebecca L. Johnson and Mark E. Johnson; to Harley S. Black Jr. and Laura E. Black; $125,000.

* 3016 Myrtle; from Lean Properties LLC; to Patrick Supinski; $47,500.

* 2536 Northbridge Court; from Fannie Mae; to Milburn K. Gardner and Leigh A. Gardner; $40,000.

* 15 Tulip Ave.; from Derek V. Nothstine and Honesty Nothstine; to Michael Paul; $63,000.


* 11 Rialto Court; from Thomas E. Brockman and Diane M. Brockman; to Michell M. Seibert and Dawn R. Seibert; $283,000.

* 85 Meadowlark Lane; from Dale A. Wellen and Stacey D. Wellen; to Ping Qin Lu and Qing Chen; $216,000.


* 2825 N. Center St.; from Kerri R. Johnson and William G. Perigo Jr.; to Danny Frey; $270,000.

* 1663 Pleasant Ridge Road; from Helen E. Flaxbeard; to Zachary E. Motl; $108,000.

* 3 Oak Drive; from William B. Ingersoll; to EJR Property LLC; $422,500.

*2421 Copper Creek Road; from Ryan F. High and Laura High; to Matthew R. Drahl and Amber Escue; $170,000.

* 2934 Maryville Road; from Betty L. Danco and Andrew F. Danco; to Shrestha Realty LLC; $63,500.

* 140 Stone Bridge Bluff Drive; from National Residential Nominee Services Inc.; to Ryan Hyman; $233,000.


* 17 Arbor Springs; from Paul M. Burnett and Cinday L. Burnett; to Anthony Sulentic and Jessica L. Sulentic; $151,000.

* 932 Silverview Lane; from DAvid W. Webb and Tracey L. Webb; to Alan L. Schaeffer and Kimberly K. Schaffer; $269,000.

* 308 Eisenhower Blvd.; from James R. Leclerc and Karen M. Leclerc; to Jared A. Giuffre and Marissa L. Giuffre; $234,000.


* 100 Summit Hill Drive; from Kevin Gill and Hillary Gill; to Brittany K. Brueggeman; $94,000.

* 101 Shawnee; from Lantz Homes Inc.; to Marissa Bradley and Curt Bradley; $224,500.

* 1901 Vaughn Road; from Premier Oil Holdings LLC; to Osage Properties LLC; $430,000.

* 532 S. 7th St.; from Doloros L. Taulbee and Luther L. Taulbee; to Deloris J. Christian; $72,000.



* 1209 Franke Drive; from Monroe Homes Inc.; to Brian L. Bradley and Katherine M. Bradley; $280,000.

* 8528 High Meadow Drive; from Cleta Waldron and Roger Waldron; to Michael S. Christian and Susan Christian; $50,000.


* 1916 Ames Road; from Michael Cantrell; to Christian Krack; $55,000.


* 420 Washington Drive; from Ned A. Schlemmer; to Elizabeth Ecker; $143,500.

* 718 Evansville Ave.; from James G. Dietz; to Zach Fricke and Kate Stueber; $125,000.

* 1332 Fieldstone; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Christopher Lauck and Laura Lauck; $117,500 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 815 Victrian Ave.; from Southern Illinois Development; to C A Jones Inc.; $32,500.

*1242 Castle Green Drive; from Southern Illinois Development; to C A Jones INc.; $32,500.

* 705 Ridge Road; from Cady Trust; to Debra D. Mitchem and Roby D. Mitchem; $270,000.

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