What do you like to grow?

April 13, 2014 

"I raise a lot of vegetables on my own. In addition, I grow 50 different kinds of irises and 20 different kinds of daffodils. Gardening is so therapeutic and relaxing. Spring comes and the dirt calls to me."

Marge Williams, 59


gardener at Effinger Garden Center

"Me and my friends live across the street. We grow vegetables and perennials. We grow lots of organic vegetables, espcially greens like kale and Swiss chard. I'm partial to succulent plants. They are exotic looking. My mom had a green thumb. She passed it on to me."

Kaila Ryon, 27


sales associate at Effinger Garden Center

"It was vegetables, but now it's succulents. I like that they are easy to take care of and are pretty."

Bill Rayfield, 51


laborer, who was buying midnight aloe vera and opal moon

"I like vegetable gardening. I haven't gotten a thing in yet . It's been too wet, maybe this weekend. I also love all the annuals that are in full color all season. I'll plant candy onions first. They are sweet and don't make you cry. I grew up on a farm and my grandparents had a florist shop (Miller Florist) years ago in Belleville."

Cathy Reinhardt, 47


horticulturist at Effinger Garden Center

"My favorite annual is the sunrise rose lantana. It goes beautifully with everything and grows like a weed. I like everything about gardening. It's the most rewarding hobby."

Alex Livingston, 26


manager at Effinger Garden Center

"Bonsais. It's the art form of it, making a new tree look like an old tree. It's probably more art than horticulture. ... It's a world all to its own. My favorite plant is the juniper."

Ken Schnur, 62


gardener at Effinger Garden Center

"My favorite thing to grow is kale. It lasts all season. It's a nice prolific harvest. If it wasn't so cold, it would have made it thorugh the winter. I've been out since 10 this morning. It felt great to be out in the sun working all day."

Brent Ebersole, 27


gardener and writer for Straight Up magazine

"Greens in general. My favorite thing to eat is okra. It's easy to grow and doesn't take very long until it's ready to harvest. I just eat it raw right off the plant."

Sara Catlett, 23


dog walker

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