State announces $4.7 million for bike, pedestrian trails in metro-east

News-DemocratApril 13, 2014 


The state plans to invest more than $4.7 million in bike and pedestrian trails in the metro-east as part of a federally-funded program encouraging transportation-related projects, according to the office of Governor Pat Quinn.

The local projects are part of a $52.7 million investment throughout the state, which will support more than 400 jobs with 71 projects.

"These projects will support hundreds of jobs while preserving our heritage, beautifying communities and creating opportunities for pedestrians, bicyclists and others across Illinois," Quinn said. "The projects will help improve the quality of life for everyone, and I commend Senator Durbin and Illinois' congressional delegation for fighting for this important community funding."

The funding is through the competitive Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program. The projects include bike paths, walking trails, historic preservation and streetscape beautification projects in communities across Illinois.

"These grants will make our communities better places in which to live and work," Transportation Secretary Ann Schneider said. "They promote outdoor activity and help make us more proud of what our home towns have to offer."

The local projects include:

* $2,218,330 to construct Scott-Troy Trail in Madison County -- The project will connect Madison and St. Clair Counties with a 7-mile bike trail between the cities of Troy and O'Fallon. Scott-Troy Trail is part of a planned trail network which will connect to the 103-mile Madison County Bikeway System on the north and eventually to the 14-mile Metro Bike-Link at the Shiloh/Scott Metro Station south of O'Fallon.

* $987,000 for streetscape improvements on Clay Street in Collinsville -- The project will reconstruct curb and sidewalk to conform to current federal disability guidelines, construct decorative crosswalks and install historic decorative pedestrian lighting as well as decorative signing, striping and planting of street trees. The project will be done in conjunction with resurfacing improvements along the same route.

* $448,550 to improve the Illini Bike Trail -- Illini Bike Trail will be improved to accommodate bike and pedestrian access linking O'Fallon and Shiloh. It extends from Illini Bike and Pedestrian Trail in O'Fallon to Frank Scott Parkway and the new Memorial Hospital facility under construction in Shiloh. The improvements include extending Illini Bike/Ped Trail, pavement markings and signs for bike routes on State Street, Lincoln Avenue, and Cross Street, new sidewalk along part of Lincoln Avenue as well as improved shoulder pavement on Lincoln Avenue and Cross Street to serve as a bike lane.

* $834,000 to construct Sharpshooter's Trail in Highland --The project consists of constructing a 10-foot wide, multi-use trail off street in conjunction with an on-street bike/pedestrian route that will link the Highland Elementary School, Lindenthal Park, the Madison County Fairgrounds and the Iberg Road Trail in the southeastern part of the City. In public meetings, residents have identified this trail as being a priority in an overall City master plan that was completed in 2008.

* $226,590 to construct a bicycle path near Scott Air Force Base -- This project involves the construction of a shared-use path along Seibert Road to connect existing facilities with other planned trails and provide a crucial component of the bicycle commuting infrastructure.

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