Pay attention, voters

April 14, 2014 

Democrats are always telling us that they are "for the children." Former Madison County Treasurer Fred Bathon used to say he was "for the people."

That's what he said, but what did he do? He took more than $150,000 in political bribes from tax buyers and "rigged" his tax sales so that property owners had to pay $4 million of unnecessary penalty interest on their property taxes. Unfortunately, many people couldn't pay and lost their homes. Where was the concern for the people and for the children by the Democrats in public office (sheriff, state's attorney, county clerk, etc.)?

CPA Kurt Prenzler ran as a Republican for Madison County treasurer and told everyone that these tax sales were unethical. Still, the Democratic machine continued to back Bathon. They refused to investigate the matter. But the FBI sure did, and Bathon and some of the tax buyers are now felons in federal prison.

Now, Madison County has elected Prenzler as treasurer. He has restored integrity and public trust. His recent tax sale resulted in the lowest penalty rate on record for Madison County. Who does that help? That's right: We, the people.

Unfortunately, another machine Democrat, Marleen Suarez is running for county treasurer. She recently wrote a letter to the Belleville News-Democrat claiming that she is for the children. Where was her concern when children lost their homes due to the Democratic machine corruption? I hope the voters are paying attention.

Joseph E. Tankersley


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