No free ride for taxpayers

April 15, 2014 

This is in response to a letter April 3 written by Gary Naglich.

I am glad that Naglich can put some money in his bank account. What he has is free, or low cost, to him but not for the rest of us. He shouldn't be thanking the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare); he should be thanking those of us who pay taxes. You see, Naglich just shifted the cost of his health care to the taxpayers of the United States.

There is nothing "free" in this insurance or Medicaid, it is just that someone else has to pay for it. Just like phones, food stamps, welfare, etc., it's all "free" unless you have to pay taxes.

Some folks need the assistance, but let's be sure they are aware of how it's paid for. It's not being paid for by the president or his policies, it's being paid by the taxpayers of the United States.

William J. Jenkin

Granite City

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