Oh, the perks of office

April 17, 2014 

Well, I see that our president and his wife paid their taxes for 2013 and that is a good thing. Of course, they were entitled to a $19,108 refund, which I question. Where were the $1 million golf weekends enjoyed by Barack Obama and his friends and the millions spent on his wife's vacations as well as her ski trips? How could he get away not being charged for the money we, the real taxpayers, forked out for their enjoyment?

All this bologna backed up by a 42-page document prepared by tax lawyers. The nutty part of this whole deal is it was probably all quite legal under our current tax laws.

Is it any wonder that the high and mighty never seem to push for a flat tax, which would take away their perks? Of course, being a Democrat, Obama is for the working man -- just as long as he pays for Obama's lavish lifestyle.

By the way, did you know Obama tried to raise taxes 442 times during his first six years as king -- I mean president?

Larry McClintick


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