The wrong approach for a Surgeon General

April 17, 2014 

Who is this Dr. Vivek Murthy, Obama's nomination for Surgeon General? Again we know nothing about his background or qualifications like the many czars who the president appointed to further his agenda.

The progressive left and Murthy in particular feel that it is necessary for your doctor and the teachers at your children's school to interrogate you and your family about your personal life, what you own and how you vote. If these hypocrites were sincere about all the unnecessary deaths and injuries, why not explore all the reasons for the violence in our society? The deaths by knives, clubs, hammers, cars and airplanes amount to much more than by guns.

I feel the agenda should be: What would cause a person to become so unbalanced as to want to become a murderer for no apparent reason, and especially to go into a school and kill children. Is it because the administration has no qualms about killing millions of unborn babies by abortion and that family services and mental health are the first to be cut in a budget crunch?

Also. why would anybody want to legalize marijuana? Again the hypocrites are at work when prominent medical university studies including Harvard prove that marijuana alters the brain, in particular the part that determines right from wrong. The lame excuse for legalization is that it isn't any worse than alcohol. Since when do two wrongs make a right? Duh!

Art Hock


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