Democrats share the blame

April 18, 2014 

In response to a letter from Kevin Gagen: Republicans are not to blame for gridlock, at least not entirely;. They have voted on things. The only problem is bills get stalled in the Senate where it's mostly Democrats and there they stay. I think Democrats are looking at this that if they wait long enough on some bills, Republicans will get the most blame and then Americans will blame the GOP and things will turn Democrats' way.

I remind everyone of the Forgotten 15, and probably more by now -- job bills that passed with the Republicans but are stalled in the Senate because they are making sure that Republicans are blamed so they can take over every part of Congress and run things the way they want whether the American people like it or not.

They don't seem to care about us at all. They just want things done their way. Just like President Obama, who on one hand says he is willing to talk with Republicans while on the other says he will not negotiate. He wants it both ways.

Since he has been in office he has had so much trouble working with both sides. No other president in history has had this much trouble. No one.

Now instead of getting our bills taken care of, he wants to help out overseas yet again financially. When are we going to get our own bills taken care of when we are finally so deep in debt that we will never get out?

Lori Felts


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