La Russa's the best -- except in St. Louis

April 18, 2014 

A St. Louis columnist's criticisms of former St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa only proves that the columnist knows less about sports than he does about politics (if that's possible).

Never in my life have I seen anyone receive so much criticism while achieving so much success. Tony put up with that nonsense for 16 years. No wonder he doesn't want to go into the Hall of Fame wearing a Cardinals cap. It seems the whole planet knows that Tony was the best except St. Louis.

Tony would have come back and managed for three weeks and been in second place for all-time wins forever, but that would have been coming back for the wrong reason. How many other managers would have that much class? I'm thinking in the zero range.

In the columnist's eyes, as a Cubs fan, Tony committed the Cardinal sin. He won. Tony won more World Series in one year than the Chicago Cubs have in the last 105 years.

Larry Phillips

East St. Louis

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