States' rights slip away

April 18, 2014 

A few facts that boggle the mind. Did you know that it was the states that formed the federal government and not the federal government that formed the states? That's where we get the title, "The United States of America."

It is obvious the federal government -- by consent of our weak-kneed or corrupt representative and direct federal action of its own -- have conceded or taken most of the states' rights away. They are only lap dogs for those in Washington.

And for those states who are trying to hold onto their rights, persecution from the federal government is on the daily menu, especially from the tolerant Obama regime and its loving legions of progressive Democrats, liberal judges, gays and unions (federal, state and local).

The new definition of "public servant" is actually a 180-degree reversal of what it originally was. We who do not belong to this exclusive club are the ones serving the "public servants" and not the other way around.

A house cleaning this fall is in order. Will you take time from staring at your smart phone to take action against the loss of our freedoms? And action does not mean voting Democratic Party.

Democrats aren't the solution; they are the problem.

Brent Rains