Focus on inclusion

April 18, 2014 

John Mitan's letter on March 15 castigated Pope Francis for delivering the wrong message to Catholics. Specifically, Mitan stated the pope's message that Catholics focused too much attention on the abortion issue was wrong.

Pope Francis took his name from Francis of Assisi, who divested his wealth and spent the remainder of his life caring for and providing comfort to the poor. Pope Francis and all the cardinals around the world know the Catholic Church has been in decline for years, meaning fewer people attending and fewer people contributing to support the church's missions and goals.

Paraphrasing, the pope has said the church message must switch from one of judgment and condemnation of sinners to one of welcoming love and inclusion for there to be a future Catholic Church. That's the pope's priority for Catholics.

Based on Mitan's letter, he thinks the most important role for Christians is to stop others from sinning (abortion). I guess Mitan believes he must do that because God is no longer omnipotent and losing his power here on earth. Of course, that's a reason for declining attendance in all traditional churches.

I assume Mitan is equally enthusiastic in his condemnation of sinners who violate other abominations in Leviticus like non-virgin brides who should be stoned; men marrying women who are not virgins or have been divorced, or people who eat pork, just to name a few.

Pope Francis has the right attitude and message: Focus on bringing people into a warm, loving and caring church.

David Vail


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