Easter stands the test of time

April 19, 2014 

"I find it hard to accept that millions of lives, half the earth for 2,000 years, have been touched; have felt their lives touched and inspired by some nutter. ... I don't believe it."

-- Bono

Today Christians around the world celebrate Easter, the ultimate story of second chances and new beginnings.

At the center of the story is Jesus Christ, a man who wasn't anything like the Messiah that the people of the time expected. They envisioned a warrior, a leader, a king; someone who would use his divine power to triumph over repressive Roman rule. Instead Jesus was a humble man who taught love and forgiveness and reached out to sinners. Then he sacrificed his own life to atone for the sins of the world.

The triumph in the story is his resurrection -- a victory over evil and even death, evidence that there is more to our existence than just our lives on earth.

Without faith, it does sound a little nutty. As Bono says, Jesus Christ was either a nut or the son of God. The fact that Jesus' message remains such a guiding force in people's lives 2,000 years later is clear evidence and a reason to believe.

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