DIVORCES 4/20/14

April 20, 2014 

Tangla Spears from Paul J. Spears.

Michelle Farmer from Robert Farmer.

Deanna Achs from Paul Achs Jr.

Lanete Tolden from Earl Amerson.

Kara S. Yung from Mark Yung.

Sherrie Johnson-Hyde from Bill P. Hyde Sr.

Jeffrey Martin from Wendy Martin.

Rachel E. Johnson from Kevin C. Johnson.

Cheryl Wimmer from Richard Wimmer.


Thomas Coats from Amanda Coats.

Christina M. Nihells from James M. Greenwell.

Thomas Monaghan from Lisa Scott.

Tyra R. Bowen from John F. Bowen.

Amy E. Brooks from Ian S. Brooks.

James M. Markezich from Christina M. Markezich.

Joe Hosier Jr. from Carla Hosier.

Bryan Jones from Tabitha Jones.

Patrick Kampwerth from Colleen Kampwerth.

Rachel Terrell from Bryron Terrell.

Brian Michiaels from Jessica Michiaels.

Gary L. Rickert from Judy K. Rickert.

Julie Baughman from Jared Baughman.

Joan Haney from James Haney.

Melanie A. Welsh from Jonathan R. Welsh.

Elizabeth D. Miller from James R. Miller.

Matthew E. Kerner from Jennifer A. Kerner.

Wayne Richardson from Lois Richardson.

Dolores A. Goodwin from Ricky L. Goodwin.

Edith Joyce from Larance Joyce.

Tina R. Bartling from Robert G. Bartling.

Stephanie Hays from Douglas Hays.

Kacy Cho from Jung Cho.

Nathan R. Shaw from Rebecca M. Meyer.

Gary A. Ammons from Elizabeth Ammons.

Ralph H. Bechtold from Catherine M. Bechtold.

Tara A. Hohn from Robert L. Hohn Jr.

Demetrius Lucas from Patricia L. Lucas.

Cynthia Fetter from Edward Fetter.

Stephanie M. Hall from Jeremy K. Hall.

Laura S. Becker from Scott J. Becker.

Gary McArthur from Melissa K. McArthur.

Sonny Disher from Joshua Disher.

Sean J. McClearey from Senada M. McClearey.

Karen D. Townsend from David N. Townsend.

John M. Rhoades from Karie E. Rhoades.

Lori L. Brown from Ronald P. Brown.

Stephanie B. Simpson from Robert D. Simpson Jr.

Joshua A. Hawkins from Tara H. Hawkins.

Stephanie Zipprich from Shawn Zipprich.

Sarah Housmann from Jeffrey Housmann.

Elizabeth Hooker from James Hooker.

Christie A. Schuetz from Brian A. Schuetz.

Deanna Coffey from Seth Coffey.

Joseph L. Whie from Tammy M. White.

Michelle C. Bailey from Ross A. Bailey.

James Vallero Jr. from Kelly Vallero.

Barbara A. Burrows from Thomas R. Burrows.

Christine A. Bosomworth from Craig E. Bosomworth.

Jessica Pacatte from Kyle Pacatte.

Marcus P. Knuckles from Nicole S. Knuckles.

Janet Patsaros from Patrick Patsaros.

Patsy R. Hill from Bryce D. Hill.

John H. Hooker from Marlene A. Hooker.

Andrew J. Rankin from Jessica B. Rankin.

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