Real Estate: What's your neighbor's home selling for?

April 20, 2014 

Recent real estate transactions for Madison and Monroe counties.



* 2934 Fosterburg Road, from Robert C. Long, Robert C. Long Declaration Trust; to John H. Stutz; $177,000.


* 714 C St.; from Kimberly Dagle Mitchell and Steven R. Mitchell; to Kaitlin Brady; $72,500.

* 150 S. Kingdom St.; from Randy L. Bird and Sharon S. Bird; to David McGibany and Tabitha McGibany; $112,000.

* 220 W. Central St.; from Christine R. Velloff, James A. Velloff, Mark Adams, Diana D. Adams; to Titus Burk; $85,000.


* 124 Kingsbury Court; from Matthew S. Pfershy and Robyn R. Pfershy; to Colby A. Voss and Jennifer M. Voss; $103,500.

* 1221 Constance St.; from Stephen Wilfong; to Steven M. Tipton and Ashley M. Whitten; $78,000.

* 1511 Franklin Ave.; from Margaret Brandt and Harry C. Brandt; to Matthew Buettner; $65,000.

* 114 Kimberly Court; from Todd L. Huskey and Courtney E. Huskey; to Kylene M. Shade and Raleigh J. Shade; $155,000.

* 1602 California Ave.; from Phyllis Hooks and Robert H. Hooks; to Matthew S. Frawley and Jennifer S. Frawley; $37,000.


* 262 Oakley Place; from Elizabeth Priest; to Jason A. Goodson and Jeanna Goodson; $146,000.

* 402 E. Main St.; from Kevin Goodman and Rebecka Goodman; to Layne A. Varel; $49,000.


* 573 Clover Drive; from Andrea Parrish; to Allen M. Shepard; $167,000.

* 467 E. Lake Drive; from Toni L. Siler and Thomas G. Siler; to Nicholas Head and Holly Head; $335,000.

* 340 Barnett Drive; from Sarah J. Umpleby; to Kendall Couch and Michelle Koelker; $370,000.

* 3 St. Andrews Ave.; from Paul H. Eastwood and Kathleen L. Eastwood; to Dominic Zappia and Jane A. Zappia; $140,000.


* 3312 Greenwood Lane; from First National Bank of Staunton; to Maria Jfones; $151,000.

* 1204 Sir Lancelot Lane; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Brian Markert; $34,229 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 6211 Pierce Lane; from Carlos Noble and Alvin Elliott; to Brian Markert; $85,000.

granite city

* 109 Shirlwin Drive; from Charles J. Johnson and Wanda J. Johnson; to Dane A. Brandon; $178,000.

* 4949 Lakeview Drive; from Robin G. Kostoff; to Margaret O. Gibson and Kathleen A. Gibson; $81,500.


* 117 Donna Drive; from Patricia M. Hall; to Michael E. Soto and Lori L. Soto; $76,000.


* 620 Zschokke St.; from Richard Blake and Judy Blake; to Caroline E. Wylie; $94,500.


* 101 Madison Ave.; from Robert Bishop and Latricia L. Bishop; to Mighty River Land Co.; $60,000.


* 516 Andra Drive; from Deutsche Bank; to Lance Kerkemeyer; $90,500.


* 1306 Rutledge Drive; from Lerch Homes Inc.; to Shawn M. Mayclin and Hilary M. Mayclin; $278,500.



* 928 N. Main St., from Anna C. Jobson; to Jennifer L. Auld; $130,000.


* 231 N. Main St.; from Frank B. Gregson, Gerard Q. Gegson, Marvin C. Gregson, Michael Gregson, Veronica Gregson; to Christina Wilson and Joshua Wilson; $20,000.


* 309 Hickory St.; from Aray Inc.; to Kimberly M. Hency and Kory R. Hency; $125,000.

* 523 S. Church St.; from Secretary of Veterans Affairs; to Greg Wenger; $69,387 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 8752 Rehmer Drive; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Melissa Meyer and Lonnie Rehmer; $85,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 5835 Maeystown Road; from Darlene A. Prange and Harvey A. Prange; to David Mooney and Kimberly Mooney; $115,000.

* 416 Monroe St.; from Mry K. Kennedy aka Mary K. McDaniel; to Kelsey N. Brinkmann; $82,000.

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