What is involved in 'election work'?

April 21, 2014 

What exactly is "election work?" We're not sure, but the St. Clair County Democratic Committee sure did a lot of it at the start of this year.

The committee spent $130,884 between January and March, and more than $86,000 -- roughly 65 percent -- went to paying local people between $200 and $2,000 each for "election work."

Some of that was paid to people who passed out fliers door to door. (What happened to campaigning simply because you believed in the cause?) How else was the money used? Any passing out $5 bills to voters?

Sorry, but remember in 2005, five East St. Louis politicians or political workers were convicted of conspiracy to buy votes. Some of the money then came from the county Democratic Committee.

The state should require a more specific accounting. Lumping spending under the generic "election work" creates more questions than answers.

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