BND missed the big story

April 21, 2014 

I'm disappointed that the News-Democrat gave so little coverage to what may be one of the most monumental episodes in recent American history. To recap for those who don't know what happened:

The Bundy family started a ranch in Bunkerville, NV, in the 1870s. In 1993 the federal Bureau of Land Management declared much of the high desert of the ranch off limits to the Bundy cattle, supposedly to protectthe endangered desert tortoise. Bundycontinued to let his cattle graze there so nowthe BLM claims Bundy owes the goverment more than $1 million in fees, fines, etc., and since Bundyhasn't paid they began to confiscate his cattle.

Protests supporting Bundy began and BLM brought in government forces that included heavily armed pseudo soldiers and set up a fenced "First Amendment Area" where they sought to keep the citizens' protest confined.

Now the monumental part. As the word of this situationspread, more than 1,000 Bundy supporters arrived,many heavily armed, and the government forces quickly relented. The Second Amendment worked precisely as it was supposed to; an armed populace was able todefend themselves from an abusive government.That the incident didn't descend into gunfire is a good thing. It's also good thatgovernment forces organized and acting like an occupying army were met by free citizens able to defend themselves.

The News-Democrat should have told this story far more prominently and in far more depth than I could here.

Gary Duff


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