Murtha not qualified

April 22, 2014 

BND letter writer Cindy McMullan missed the point entirely in her recent letter. She supports President Obama nominee Vivek Murthy for Surgeon General. Why? Apparently because Dr. Murthy believes gun control is good for the nation's health. If McMullan thinks there's more to the job, none of it made it into her letter.

According to Wikipedia, Murthy completed his residency in 2006, and has correctly been described as unqualified to be a major hospital department chair due to his lack of experience. That's not a problem for this administration, however, which shamelessly treats appointments as rewards for political support and favored activism. For further evidence, see the cluelessness of recent ambassador appointees.

If only a few percent of the nation's physicians are qualified to be Surgeon General, there would still be thousands of candidates. But clearly Murthy is not among them.

Edward Nowak


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