Job creation is Obama's issue

April 24, 2014 

In response to a letter from Gene Robke: Actually no president can create jobs. Were jobs not doing good during President Bush's term? No, but when President Obama first got into office, the unemployment went up to around 11 percent or so for his first year, then went down to about 8 percent and that took time. Then for three years it stayed at 8 percent, not moving at all. It didn't start going down until some time after he started his second term. So the number of 4.8 is not true.

I will say again there are some job bills around, waiting for Democrats to pass them. Democrats are just as bad as Republicans, they put bogus information out there and claim Republicans are lying. Obama does so as well; it's like Obama is doing his best to make Republicans look like they are not doing anything toward helping out anyone, which is not true. He just doesn't want to hear anything we have to say.

The jobs bills I wrote about before are the "Forgotten 15." Look that up and you will find answers to the job problem. These ideas have been approved by Republicans and are waiting for Democrats.

Maybe Bush did leave a mess for Obama, I'm not denying that. However, Obama has had more than enough time to get the mess taken care of. But instead of doing so, he wants to keep blaming Republicans for everything because that is easier to do than to fix the problem.

Lori Felts


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