Grateful for our popes

April 25, 2014 

As the world celebrates an unprecedented event in human history -- that of raising two popes to sainthood at the same time -- I simply want to express my gratitude to God, wisdom itself, for the gift of the papacy to our most wonderful Catholic Church. I want to remind people that the word "catholic" means universal, so everyone is invited.

As an ordinary and faithful Catholic who has had the privilege of 12 years of formal Catholic teaching plus many hours of other religious training, I can easily see the wisdom and necessity of guidance in all facets of life by the earthly head of Christ's church throughout the ages. It is first and foremost a matter of authority, which is necessary in all successful endeavors.

From the time Peter was commissioned by Jesus until the time of the current Pope Francis, it is obvious that the Holy Spirit is guiding and renewing his church and will continue to do so until the end of time.

The pope as vicar of the church is human but the head of the church, Jesus Christ, is divine. Popes, as humans, have made mistakes, some biggies, but never in matters of teaching faith and morals, which is under the protection of infallibility and guarded by the Holy Spirit.

Dorothy Feder


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