Too little support for Fairmount from Kay

April 26, 2014 

Metro-east lawmakers are fighting back against a gaming proposal that singles out Fairmount Park as the only horse track in Illinois to not receive gaming machine rights. Fairmount Park supports 1,000 jobs in our area -- a number that would surely soar if gaming is legalized.

One of those lawmakers is state Rep. Dwight Kay, who is (finally) trying to jump into the game. But read past the headlines and you'll see that it's a little late and more than a little disingenuous.

For all of his talk of creating jobs and putting people back to work, Kay voted against a similar proposal two years ago that included Fairmount Park and all of the economic benefits that would come with it.

He voted against Fairmount Park, against workers and their families, and against a much-needed boon to our regional economy. Worse yet, he's failed to commit to voting for any gaming bill, even if it does include Fairmount Park.

Our families need jobs, not empty rhetoric from politicians.

Chuck Oberkfell

Business manager, Laborers Local 44 Collinsville

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