Winter isn't so fun after all

April 26, 2014 

I have never been to Minnesota. Northern Wisconsin, yes; Minnesota no. When a desire to head North hits me, I usually end up in Wyoming or Montana.

Still, the idea of a place where winter is real has always fascinated me. As St. Louis area climate became more like the Memphis climate of 30 years ago, I longed for winters that produced snow cover from November to March. Rarely do we have snow cover more than 10 days in an average winter. Below zero days are few.

This winter made up for that. Statistics may not bear me out, but this was the longest, toughest, most dreary winter in at least 30 years, or so it seems. I really don't care if it ever snows again. I have driven Jeeps since the 1980s, and I liked to get out early after a snow, before the snow plows, just to play and put the Jeep through its paces. No more.

This year Minnesota came to visit me. Know what? You can have it. We just don't have the kind of forests, wildlife or winter activities to support it or make it worthwhile. Sledding down Art Hill in St. Louis still makes the local news.

I went to Florida in January and February and it was "cold" (50s and 60s and raining) even on the Gulf Coast. This year I will spend that money on a new fireplace.

Joseph M. Reichert


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