Why do you volunteer and what do you like to do?

April 27, 2014 

We talked to Belleville West students who like to volunteer. Most are members of Key Club, a high school service club sponsored by Kiwanis International. They recently visited Rosewood Care Center in Swansea where they put on a fashion show, talked to residents and played games, cards or Scrabble.

"The activity I look forward to the most is In May. We are planning a field day for Bridges, a school for autistic people. We'll do a lot of activities. It's cool and fun."

Abby Mast, 15


"My brothers's girlfriend is in (Key Club). A friend said it would be a lot of fun. That's how I met Morgan and Abby. My favorite thing about volunteering is how happy it makes people doing stuff for them. I really liked trick-or-treating for UNICEF. I went around on Halloween in costume collecting donations. I dressed up as Luigi. I got a little bit of candy. Butterfingers are my favorite.

Lauren Matzenbacher, 14

Bellevillefreshman"I was in Beta Club at Millstadt. I wanted to keep volunteering. I just like seeing the people's faces. I like volunteering with friends. My favorite thing was sleeping out for the homeless because we get to see what it's like for them, how hard it is. It shows us we should be grateful for what we have. We did it right outside our school. The next day was Parent-Teacher conferences. We stood outside and asked for donations."

Morgan Mrsich, 15

Bellevillefreshman"I like Key Club. You can hang out with friends. Most of us are going on a character-building trip in Bloomington. It's a weekend trip away from home and will help people build character."

Katie Boyer, 15



"I like going to the food pantry (Interfaith in downtown Belleville). I l like how easy it is to make a big difference. I help them get their food. I get to know the workers by spending time with them. I'm in Key Club because I wanted to join a club where I could make a difference and my friends told me about it."

Brianna Buss, 17



"I just want to help and do what I can. I just like to see people being happy. My dad (plays Santa at Christmas). I went to an assisted living center in Columbia with him. I was his elf. It was fun."

James Combs, 16



"My favorite volunteer activity is food pantry. It's neat to serve the community. In 2011, my pastor in my church (St. Paul United Church of Christ) pressured my youth group to volunteer. Now, I make a habit of it and try to volunteer all the time."

Wayne Sherland, 16



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