Real Estate: What's your neighbor's home selling for?

April 27, 2014 

Recent real estate transactions for Madison and Monroe counties.



* 3516 Coronado Drive; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Amanda J. Webb; $28,950 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 4026 Alby St.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Jerry Hand and Barba Hand; $17,476 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 3842 Oscar Ave.; from Fannie Mae; to Kimberly K. Stone; $55,000.


* 77 Birch St.; from Carla M. Klaustermeier and Brad Klaustermeier; to Carla M. Campbell and Andrea Bushrow; $108,000.


* 15 Fairway Drive; from Mary A. Marrese, Dominica Marrese, Mary Ann Marrese Trust; to John Arendell and Denise Arendell; $321,000.

* 1926 Applegate Lane; from Bin Feng; to Jeffrey A. Fisher and Kimberly S. Fisher; $153,500.

* 5317 Millennium Court; from Thomas L. Dannenberg and Deanna R. Dannenberg; to Aaron J. Ass and Abigail R. Bass; $233,000.

* 304 Valley View Drive; from FLP Development Co. Inc.; to J K Moseley Inc.; $31,000.

* 187 Holiday Drive; from Brandon L. Bahling; to Brent Leh; $160,000.


* 4 Cougar Drive; from Our Health Club Spa LLC; to Our Health Club Spa 2013 LLC; $1,070,000.

* 51 Jennifer Drive; from John Hill and Michelle Hill; to Adam Wendt and Robyn Wendt; $184,000.

* 128 Meridian Oaks Drive; from Doug Hartmann Jr.; to Prentiss B. Carter IV and Lisa L. Carter; $313,000.

* 125 Cumberland Court; from Coleman L. Leonard and Lynda Leonard; to Terry W. Draper Jr. and Stacy L. Draper; $244,500.

* 131 Oakshire Drive; from Remington Properties LLC; to John E. Hill and Michelle L. Hill; $323,000.


* 705 Lafayette Ave.; from Arlene B. Gosling and Harold B. Gosling; to Steve Baggett and Lori Baggett; $86,000.


* 2441 Cleveland Blvd.; from Mary Lou Richeson; to Sheila J. Matthews; $52,000.

* 1929 Joy Ave.; from Homeinvestors LLC; to Benjamin D. Oswald; $77,000.

* 2117 Richmond Ave.; from Glindon Mathis; to Laura A. Conaway; $97,000.

* 2638 Northbridge Court; from HSBC Mortgage Services Inc.; to James A. Boyd II; $79,000.


* 3365 Hill Road; from Leonard E. Daiber; to Douglas Pace and Vicki Pace; $130,000.

* 1400 13th St.; from Kirby E. Matthews; to David W. Bowder and Shannon N. Easley; $496,500.

* 2 Hickory Drive; from Fannie Mae; to Todd Skogley and Cathy Skogley; $140,000.


* 712 Andra Drive; from Nathan T. Hoke and Lori A. Hoke; to Taylor A. Williams; $160,000.

* 21 Fox Mill Drive; from Richard E. Tiemann and Mary J. Tiemann; to Jason Meni and Shawna Meni; $235,000.


* 605 Meadowlark St.; from Michael L. Maier and Jennifer A. Maier; to Nathan M. Miller and Camille A. Miller; $166,500.

* 779 Troy O'Fallon Road; from Fannie Mae; to Casey L. Langenstein; $140,000.

* 8027 Charleston; from Lerch Homes Inc.; to jared Missey and Lauren Missey; $237,000.

* 1009 Troy O'Fallon Road; from Walter V. Urban and Sherrie Uban; to Ryan K. Williams and Trisha J. Gilomen; $120,000.


* 13 Mimosa Drive; from Robert W. Jones and Deana J. Jones; to Diana L. Bertels; $124,000.



* 103 Sunset Court; from Joseph P. Frisch and Kimberly J. Frisch; to Michael J. Bishop and Linda M. Brumback; $260,000.

* 441 Terry Drive; from Jennifer C. Irwin and Ryan L. Irwin; to Eric A. Dahl and Darah M. Dahl; $233,000.

* 223 Country Ridge; from Dallas G. Eytchison and Jana G. Eytchison; to Brent M. Bloemer and Kristin E. Bloemer; $327,500.

* 2773 Hanover Road; from DAvid W. Durham; to Lisa L. Hrdlicka and Mark G. Hrdlicka; $122,500.


* 101 E. Woodland Ridge; from Alexander J. Mitan and Mary T. Mitan; to James M. Mitan; $50,000.


* 616 Katie Drive; from Barbara E. Johnson and Montey L. Johnson; to Robert N. Esker; $180,000.

* 806 Sherian Lane; from C A Jones Inc.; to heather D. Bundenthal and Randy E. Bundenthal; $218,000.

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