Obama needs to stop Putin

April 28, 2014 

Good news: The Belleville News-Democrat April 20 Easter edition Magazine that featured the "Church Ladies' hats" was absolutely lovely. The hats and the women wearing the hats were gorgeous. Thanks and commendation to the BND for this good news.

Bad news: President Obama is being too timid in dealing with Russia's Vladimir Putin in his greedy land grab of Crimea. It is my sense that Obama has the power to stop Putin, yet he is in a timidity stance.

This reminds me of when Hitler took over Austria and Czechoslovakia. I am a member of the World War II generation and believe that if Hitler had been stopped in his land grabs, there would have been no World War II. The Putin/Crimean situation is the kind of bad news that makes me uneasy even in the face of beautiful hats and other niceties.

Some years ago I lived and worked in Russia for five weeks when it was part of the USSR. It was my experience that Russia did not (and still does not) have the freedoms that we in the United States have and enjoy. Russian takeover is bad news in my opinion.

Katie H. Wright

East St. Louis

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