Why is diesel fuel penalized?

April 28, 2014 

I am writing in response to Doug Whitley's guest view on Wednesday. I know the politicians in Chicago will go along with the recommendations of Transportation for Illinois Coalition, whether it is the right thing to do or not.

While I agree the infrastructure requires constant updating, check and balances need to be instituted immediately to ensure the taxes currently collected from our gas tax are fenced from the politicians and used only for what they were and are intended. Past money should be reclaimed but I know that will never happen with the current administration.

Why the recommended four cents a gallon increase for gas but seven cents for diesel fuel? In today's market more manufacturers are making vehicles with diesel engines. Why should we be made to pay more at the pump than those with gasoline engines? Please do not give the excuse that diesel vehicles weigh more and cause more damage to the infrastructure. While weight is a factor with older diesel engines, today's diesels are lighter and more efficient. In addition, diesel fuel is cheaper to manufacture than regular gasoline; how-ever, diesel users pay more at the pump for a gallon of fuel.

The only reason the freight companies and truckers do not complain is because they get a rebate in the form of a "fuel surcharge." I cannot refuel my vehicle at the truckers' pumps without a tax ID.

So, Mr. Whitley, as you go down the path of a gas tax increase, please keep the increases equal.

Richard Harmon


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