Be glad if Illinois gets Obama library

April 28, 2014 

This is in response to Steve Gilmor's letter on Wednesday trashing the idea of a presidential library in Illinois.

Texas boasts about three presidential libraries and people of Texas are proud of having three of their fellow citizens elected to the highest office in the nation. If Gilmor wants to characterize the president as most incompetent, he can take a good look at George W. Bush, who got us in two costly, losing wars in which more than half a million young Americans lost their lives and a million more were wounded and disabled for life.

Bush put us in almost a great depression with certain collapse of the U.S. auto industry and unemployment of historic high levels. Yet they built a library honoring Bush costing more than $300 million and it will cost taxpayers more than that run the library

President Obama to his credit got us out of economic collapse, helped to rejuvenate the auto industry, ended two costly wars and brought unemployment to below 7 percent. These facts go unnoticed only by people living on Gilligan's Island. He got rid of America's No. 1 enemy, Osama bin Laden, which Bush could not do.

In my opinion the people of Illinois should be proud that one of their natives was elected to the highest of office and build a presidential library.

I see a lot of reluctance to accept Obama's accomplishments simply because he is not of European descent. It is deplorable that some people still hold 18th century racial views in the 21st century.

Mike Rau


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