Let Shiloh residents make the call about recycling

April 30, 2014 

Mayor Jim Vernier stated at Monday's village meeting that the recycling program would not be mandatory. He said we do not have to recycle but we have to pay for it.

A year ago we were told our fair community had contracted with a trash company and that it would be cheaper for everyone. Not true! As far as I can see, the company will not pick up anything unless it's in the can. Our previous trash company would take almost anything if the workers could lift it. Now if your can runneth over, you need another can or have to wait until the next week. My trash man told me he doesn't have to get out of his truck.

Now they want us to get another can for recycling and it would be picked up every other week, costing more than the existing program that picks up every week.

I think the village should stay out of the residents' business and allow each of us to make our own choices.

Shiloh has a problem and it's not the trash being picked up; it's the elected officials trying to force the residents into something we don't want or need.

Bill Grass


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