Public pays for patronage

May 1, 2014 

Patronage jobs on the increase at Illinois Department of Transportation? No. Get out.

OK, it's true. Always has been.

Gov. Pat Quinn, our Democratic leader, appointed more of his Democratic friends or their buddies to nice IDOT jobs. Even if it is recently, I am sure they have already been grandfathered in for a nice pension.

I know for a fact that few, if any, IDOT jobs are given to qualified candidates unless you are a loyal party member. The real name for IDOT is Illinois Democrat Office of Transportation. I am sure the old Soviet guard applauds them.

The Democratic answer to pay for all these sound business decisions such as patronage jobs, excessive pension and benefit payments is what? No, come on and guess.

Cut spending and benefits? No, are you crazy. The answer: Tax your soda pop another $1.44 a 12-pack. Another bold and cutting edge move by the Democrats.

Look for more taxing as the Democrats apply their business savvy and courage to help all of us have more spendable income. Future taxes will most likely include taxing your toilet paper, taxing your texting (ooh, that will bring in the bucks), taxing your taxes, and more.

I am so excited about the future within the People's Republic of Illinois.

Brent Rains


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