The sun came out at Althoff

May 2, 2014 

Congratulations to Elaine M. Laws, the producer and director of the musical "Annie" at Althoff Catholic High School in Belleville. Laws had been a dedicated teacher at Althoff for many years. The Althoff kids were terrific.

My brother, Russell Krause, chaperones Charlie and Ella Coburn, 22 R.J. Krause All-Stars and I all had a good time watching "Annie" on April 11.

Annie was played by Alyssa Stephens. Other cast members included the Nordmann twins, Kyle and Cole, who are from my Blessed Sacrament Church in Belleville, Elizabeth Slocumb, Christian McCormick, Abby Durante, Will Schaefer, Aimee Barbeau, Claire Baur, Katie McGinti, Ali Nigma, Molly Reitano, Mary Kate O'Gara, Isabella Hoerchler, Phillip Miller, Jennifer Cange, Naudia Leggs, Gabby Sullivan, Chloe Hrabasicky, Jimmy Del Vecchio, Michael Reitano, Stephen Bertelsman, Alex Abernathy, Kennedy Largent, Mary Lauder, Hayden Hoerchler and Eddie the dog.

The All-Stars enjoyed talking to the cast and having pictures taken with them. To Laws and her students: Keep up the good work.

Richard "R.J." Krause

Fairview Heights

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