Madigan running scared over remap effort

May 2, 2014 

House Speaker Michael Madigan is aggressively trying to derail a legislative mapping initiative, which is a testimony to the plan's value.

Madigan had an attorney and long-time ally file a lawsuit to block the measure from getting on the November ballot, even though petitions with 532,000 signatures had not yet been delivered to the state Board of Elections. And for good measure, he played the race card: "Put the Republicans in charge of something and there's going to be an adverse effect on minorities."

First, fair-minded Democrats as well as Republicans support the mapping change. This change would have an impartial commission draw the legislative boundaries after a census rather than let the party in power -- Madigan -- do it. Objective redistricting would make political races more competitive, which would make politicians more accountable to their constituents.

Second, Democratic policies haven't exactly helped minorities. For example, Illinois has one of the highest unemployment rates in America, which affects minorities disproportionately.

Madigan clearly is trying to hold onto his power. While losing some of it would be bad for him, it would be great for the rest of Illinois.

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