Here's to food on the table

May 2, 2014 

This is a follow to my letter in support of rancher Cliven Bundy. I support all ranchers and farmers. I think this is all getting out of hand. It's a fire that cannot be put out.

People forget. It seems to me it's always criticizing the people who put food on our table. We need all cattle ranchers, hog farmers, chicken farmers, grain farmers and all the rest of them. We need them all for our food supply. We all need to eat. God put us all here. Survivors are we.

I was not a farmer. I grew up on a farm during the Depression. I remember people coming to my father begging for something to eat. He would give them the small potatoes that he would normally feed to the hogs. He also gave them skim milk if they brought their own container. People would ask if they could go into the timber and cut wood from fallen trees. My father would even loan a team and wagon to haul their cut wood home to heat their houses.

We lived along the railroad track. My father would give us boys five-gallon buckets to pick up the coal that had fallen off the train cars. He would follow with a team and wagon and pick up the buckets of coal for us to help heat our home.

As far as putting a hot dog stand on the Arch grounds, it's a free country if you do not break the law. I do not own guns. I would not go out there to kill anyone. I do not have that right. Remember God's law, "Thou shalt not kill." Furthermore, if we didn't have ranchers and farmers, where would we get the ingredients to make the hot dogs?

We need all farmers and ranchers, however many there are. We need them all to feed our people. God bless our land.

Vernon Schneider


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