Should have checked Snopes

May 2, 2014 

Gene Robke is right in his letter to the Belleville News-Democrat on April 24. says that Sen. Harry Reid and his son Rory were, in earlier years, prominent advocates of efforts by a Chinese-backed company to build a solar plant in Clark County, Nevada. This land is not near the Bundy ranch and the project was dropped in June 2013.

Snopes says some versions of this conspiracy theory mistake the proposed ENN Mojave Energy site with that of the Moapa Southern Paiute Solar project. This project is already under construction, but not on the land that Bundy is trespassing on. The solar farm is 10 miles closer to Las Vegas.

Snopes says another area is being studied by the Bureau of Land Management for solar plants, known as the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone, and is mistakenly thrown into the conspiracy theory by people who claim a BLM report documents BLM's intent to use disputed land for solar development.

Non-government organizations are concerned about mitigation strategy for the above project, using Gold Butte as a mitigation site. Wildlife News explains the "secondary mitigation" will be distant from the site and is like planting grass and developing water sources for wildlife to drink, and the restoration of range land overgrazed by cattle. Apparently these groups think the mitigation to be provided at Gold Butte will be tromped over by the cattle.

I should have read Snopes first. Now other questions come to mind.

Lew Hiatt


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