Lesson in broken political promises

May 2, 2014 

Boys and girls, it's time for a lesson about Illinois state government. Illinois can't pay its bills on time, is overspending its budget and is millions of dollars in the red. Its pension system is the worst in the nation in terms of adequate funding, and its credit rating has been downgraded three times in the past year. It can't even afford to cut the weeds along the highways, which are also in bad shape.

Yet Gov. Pat Quinn insists that the 67 percent "temporary" income tax increase be made permanent. Can you spell "broken promises?"

Boys and girls, would you believe that he wants to give first-time home buyers $7,500 for a down payment on a house? Can you spell "ridiculous?" People buying houses they could not afford is what got us into trouble seven years ago and started the present economic mess. Can you spell "vote buying?"

Can you spell "incompetent," "dumb" or "arrogant?" Those words describe our governor and many members of the legislature. They still act as though it is their money they are spending, including wanting to spend $100 million for Barack Obama's presidential library. Can you spell "out-of-control" spending?

Boys and girls, here's what you can do: Ask your parents or guardians to vote Quinn and his associates out of office in November. No matter who is on the other side, he simply cannot be any worse than Quinn.

Ken Williams


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