Real estate: What's your neighbor's home selling for?

May 4, 2014 

Recent real estate transactions for Madison and Monroe counties.



* 2225 Alby St.; from Fannie Mae; to Aaron Joyce; $56,000.

* 3871 Berkely Ave.; from Nina L. Hanie and Richard J. Igo; to Cheri McIntire and Mike Bell; $76,000.

* 1415 State St.; from Donald Woelfel and Brenda Woelfel; to Kaleena D. O'Brien; $122,500.


* 83 Parkside Drive; from James R. Hess, Jesse L. Hess, Gregory A. Hess; to Joyce Scott; $142,000.

* 307 S. Prairie St.; from Max R. Norris and Betty L. Norris; to Joseph S. Warix and Erica N. Warix; $85,000.


* 723 St. Clair Ave.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Ohio Investments LLC; $41,944 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 28 Ramsgate; from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.; to Michael C. Smith and Leighanne A. Smith; $178,000.


* 287 Oakley Place; from Parcel Missouri Properties LLC; to Rita L. Parcel; $220,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 222 S. Pence St.; from David Douglas and Mary Douglas; to Angela Lewis; $43,000.

* 318 Bowman Ave.; from Bertha A. Dean; to Monte C. Ritchie; $60,000.

* 716 Ridgeway; from Patricia E. Frey; to Donald Yoder; $18,000.


* 917 Chancellor Drive; from Jack A. Scarborough and Linda M. Scarborough; to Kathy S. Brinkman and Blaire K. Brinkman; $145,500.

* 1903 Meadow Lane; from Lance E. Haas and Brandy L. Haas; to Amy Borland; $190,000.

* 744 Holyoake Road; from Michael R. Tebbe; to Chandler M. Vandenberg; $164,000.

* 10 Fairway Drive; from Christopher J. Miranti and Laura J. Miranti; to thomas R. Miller and Kimberly S. Miller; $400,000.

* 416 Haldey Ave.; from David P. Bond and Kelly Bond; to Warren A. Slater; $124,000.

* 1850 Esic Drive; from John Zieser; to Kimberly D. Collins and Erich J. Lackey; $123,000.

* 214 Commercial St.; from Randall R. Trebing and Nannette Trebing; to Johnnie L. Sims and Robin R. Sims; $42,000.

* 839 Harvard Drive; from June P. Tharp; to Kyle R. Wegman and Summer L. Wegman; $128,000.


* 61 Julie Drive; from Kevifn Gockel; to Kyle D. Wood and Brianna L. Wood; $187,500.

* 34 Jason Drive; from Robert L. Harris Jr. and Leann R. Harris; to Daniel E. Ahrens and Leann R. Harris; $188,500.

* 2 Shingle Oaks Drive; from Beverly D. Schroeder and Keith Schroeder; to Roy Hogan and Nina Hogan; $183,000.

* 123 Oakshire Drive; from Glen Carbon Land Development; to Remington Properties LLC; $53,000.


* 1708 Aser Lane; from Michael P. McNamara and Rachel L. McNamara; to Oanh Nguyen; $290,000.

* 5803 Vollmer Lane; from Michael Harman; to Jeremy W. Garner; $87,000.


* 124 Chouteau Trace Parkway; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Jonathan Pearman; $45,030 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 3280 Wabash Ave.; from Kendell C. McMillan, Christopher McMillan, Jeanine Cain, Denise Hale, Georgina McMillan; to Erika L. Hubert; $82,500.

* 4521 Vine Blvd.; from Michael D. Woolard and Jacob M. Woolard; to Eleanor A. Heagney; $30,000.

* 2106 E. 24th St.; Rusty Davis and Theresa Davis; to Caleb Davis; $110,000.


* 12833 N. Ridge Drive; from Robert M. Ritchey and Amy B. Ritchey; to Justin L. Hogman and Ashley N. Hogman; $240,000.

* 45 Quail Drive; from Larry G. Wellen; to Eric J. Lengermann; $85,000.

* 700 Main St.; from Matthew L. Bugger Sr.; to Kelly W. Laster; $73,000.

* 1007 Pestalozzi St.; from Matthew L. Bugger Sr.; to Kelly W. Laster; $50,000.

* 45 Golden Rock Lane; from Nicholas R. Lercher and Christy J. Lercher; to A J Associates Inc.; $25,000.


* 1822 4th St.; from Larry Lessen, Karen L. Autusto, Floyd Lassen; to Burrows Investments LLC; $35,000.


* 228 W. Zupan St.; from Jason C. Cummins and Jamie Cummins; to Steven Harrison; $89,000.

* 206 Nepute; from Integrity Home Buyers; to Keith Schroeder and Beverly Schroeder; $162,000.

* 6800 Hampshire Court; from Omar Avendano and Amanda Avendano; to Lisa Ahlgren; $128,500.


* 1239 Rutledge Drive; from Charleston of Troy LLC; to Sundance Home Development Inc.; $44,000.


* 500 Tipton Ave.; from Fannie Mae; to Josh M. Cross and Kristin M. Aaron; $85,000.


* 1810 Sextant Drive; from Daniel J. Turk and Linda Turk; to Joseph S. Potter; $255,000.



* 1208 N. Briegel St.; from Harold J. Suedkamp, Deceased, Laverne B. Suedkamp; to Kimberly J. Frisch; $128,775.

* 1219 Palmer Creek Drive; from Palmer Development Inc.; to Fruth Construction Inc.; $63,000.

* 265 Gall Road; from Bryan J. Vanvuren and Heather M. Vanvuren; to Jeffrey T. Casagrande and Leta A. Casagrante; $157,000.

* 900 W. Bottom Ave.; from Dianne M. Hoffman and john B. Hoffman; to John R. Daab and Katherine B. Daab; $160,000.

* 1321 N. Glenwood Drive; from Helen M. McFeron, Deceased, Michael J. McFeron; to Briana M. Evans; $129,500.

* 489 Breidecker St.; from Christopher P. Gilbreth and Erin Pulliam; to Derick Sitze and Rebecca Sitze; $138,000.


* 6425 Lake Shore Drive; from Sandra K. Steingrubey; to Chad M. Steingrubey; $157,000.


* 225 Crosswinds Court; from Santa Ana Holdings LLC; to Christina Latchem and Devin Latchem; $25,000.

* 1036 W. Fallen Lake Drive; Charels Wood Construction, harles R. Wood, Linda M. Wood; to Mary Ellen Boyer and Ronald A. Boyer; $219,000.

* 200 Koenigsmark Ave.; from Clint J. Pauline and Jessa D. Pauline; to Jeffrey D. Kapp and Carole A. Sharp; $148,500.

* 5063 Rock Road; from Glenda I. Moeller Living Trust, Glena I. Moeller, Trustee; to Ernest E. Setzer and Kerri A. Setzer; $159,500.

* 9 Dwight St.; from Sharon K. Mattingly; to Bruce J. Widel and Renee L. Widel; $158,000.

* 5900 Rachel Drive; from Fannie Mae; to Jason Barker and Katherine Baker; $180,000.

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