Nothing good will come from legalizing marijuana

May 4, 2014 

I found very disheartening reading on Page A8 of the April 24 paper concerning 10-year-old fourth grade students in Greely, Colorado, being involved in dealing in marijuana on an elementary school campus. I hope such a thing never comes to Illinois.

Widespread marijuana use is one of the ills passed down from the later 1960s and early 1970s when it was a symbol of rebellion.

That was a most disgraceful and shameful time period in our history. It was a time of hippies, peaceniks, draft card burners and American flag desecraters. It was a time of widespread disrespect for law and order and law breakers were openly admired. Drug use became rampant and marijuana was featured prominently. It was a time period from which we have not completely recovered and probably never will.

A director of safety for the Weld County, Colorado, School District 6 said, "Nothing good's going to come from having 10-years-olds find it, use it or take it to school." In much the same scenario, nothing good came from Colorado recently legalizing marijuana use in any way.

Legalization and flagrant use of marijuana is merely a sign of the times and something that is going to get worse as time goes on.

Frank B. Austin


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