Now that he's a candidate, Buchanan is against pensions

May 4, 2014 

I still have not stopped laughing since reading Timothy Buchanan's letter to the editor April 25, "Good deal needs to end." There are several things that come to mind after reading that comic story: People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Practice what you preach. Or better than those: R.I.N.O. -- Republican in Name Only and H.I.P.O. -- "Hypocrite In Public Office."

Why, after all these years in public office, is Buchanan now bringing up the issue of public pensions? Is it because he is now running for the St. Clair County Board and he wants to use this as his campaign slogan?

If he were truly concerned about the taxpayers, why did he voluntarily sign up for a pension when he was a part-time trustee in Swansea? Then he signed up for a pension again in St. Clair Township along with taking full family medical benefits costing the taxpayers thousands of dollars. His motto is, "Don't do as I do, do as I say."

I have an idea for him. Since he feels so bad about public pensions, why doesn't he donate his back?

The voters taught him a lesson last April by not voting him in and I hope they teach him another one in November. He has sucked the taxpayers dry with two taxpayer-funded pensions, so it is time to put an end to H.I.P.O. and all of his good deals.

John "Skip" Kernan


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