Removed: Tattered flag no longer flies in front of Belleville home

News-DemocratMay 5, 2014 

— A ripped and tattered American flag that formerly flew in front of 729 Union Ave. has been taken down.

The damaged flag was the subject of complaints from neighbors, who said its condition was a desecration of what the flag stands for -- national pride and sacrifices made by men and women during wartime.

But the residents, Amanda Bailey and her mother Margaret Tribout, said the intention of putting up the flag was to honor Tribout's brother, the late Brent Worthall, a U.S. Navy veteran.

During the two years that the flag -- described as a family heirloom -- was flying, it faded rapidly and a large section at the bottom tore off and hung straight down.

Bailey declined to comment on Monday.

However, in a posting on the BND's website, she said, "My words were not that we would not take it is not my place to say that...but that we could not take it down without assistance...I am truly sorry if the flag upset anyone and (it) has been taken down by family that came to support us after this article was printed."

The United States Flag Code, which is not law, recommends that the U.S. flag be respected by not allowing it to become tattered and torn.

When that cannot be avoided, the flag should be properly destroyed either through burning during a respectful ceremony or by cutting it into small pieces -- except for the blue and white portion that should stay intact -- and then burying it.

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