Recycling comes at high price

May 5, 2014 

Several communities have garbage collection services that pick up recyclable materials. This is good, but there is an extra charge for picking up these materials. If materials are recyclable, I would have to assume that means they are reusable.

I have lived in several places where they will pick up recyclable materials; one place even provided containers for cans, paper, different colored glass bottles and plastic, but none charged extra for this pickup. I suppose the reason for the free pick-up service was that the waste collection company could sell the recyclable materials.

Many people saved their recyclable items and sold them for cold, hard cash at recycle centers. Almost every community had a recycle center, some had several, as it was a business. In very small communities, there was always a charitable organization that was happy to collect these recyclables and sell them.

I guess recycling is not profitable here in Illinois, as I have seen very few centers and they are not conveniently located.

I appreciate the communities wanting to keep their communities clean and recommending recycling as a way to help the environment, but making it mandatory and at extra cost, not so much. When did this area become a dictatorship? I know the answer: It has always been that way here.

Lew Hiatt


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