Recyling means more mischief in Shiloh

May 5, 2014 

I applaud Shiloh Mayor James Vernier for his initiative of taking a survey of village residents for the proposed changes to the recycling program. I only wish he would have put this boondoggle to a vote of the people before shoving this substandard trash service down our throats.

Now that he is aware that the majority of the residents do not want his proposed changes, why did he and the trustees table the matter? Are they hoping we lose interest and they will sneak it in later when we aren't watching?

At the meeting they stated it is costing Shiloh $1,900 a month to empty the recycle bin. Republic offered in the new recycling proposal to pay for the new recycle bins for everyone to the tune of $188,000.

I can save both sides money; have Republic empty the recycle bin free of charge for the rest of the contract. It will save Shiloh $85,000 and it will save Republic $103,000 in the cost of those new bins. Win-win for everyone.

You know, it is hard for the ordinary citizens of Shiloh to keep an eye on the reckless, deceptive individuals running the village. They always seem to be up to some mischief -- mischief like their pay rises over the last 10 years, or mischief like this whole trash thing, or the mischief of reappointing Trustee Kurt Burrelsman after voters had cast him out.

Wouldn't it be grand if the politicians voted into office remembered how it was in the days of old when they knew they were there as the servants of the people to serve the people and not be served? I guess a grand idea like that no longer exists among the political class.

Bradley Kohring


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