Left in the dark by St. Clair County

May 6, 2014 

I attended the St Clair County Board meeting April 29. I have attended a number of such meetings and it's always the same. Board Chairman Mark Kern reads the motion, there is a second and the motion passes. All board members in lock-step vote for whatever. There is no discussion or comment. As a member of the public you haven't a clue as to what is being voted on.

There is a printed agenda, but it fails to give any details. I guess the board members receive a packet of information in advance of the meeting. What about the Open Meetings Act? The only thing that was open about the April 29 meeting was the door of the chamber.

What's the deal with all board member facing the head table with their backs to the public? I guess with so many things distasteful they don't wish to face their voters. Like the shameful attempt to pass a 0.25 percent sales tax hike for the county jail. Fliers with a mother holding a baby with language like, "Better in our house than yours."

By the way, the flier violated Illinois election law but it went in the mail and it was too late to recall them. Will there be any consequences from Attorney General Lisa Madigan's office? We all know the answer to that.

The County needs the improvement to the jail and has the money to do the job. Why hold up the taxpayers again?

There is no transparency in St. Clair County government.

William H. Bremen


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