Affordable Care Act is all an illusion

May 6, 2014 

Regarding BND letter writer Kevin Gagen's comment about the Affordable Care Act "working":

This is just an echo of other ACA supporters who believe calling this "working" settles all arguments about a deeply flawed law. The president tried to employ the same logic in his partisan speeches.

Working? All you have to do is focus on one of the states that set up a health insurance exchange -- Oregon. The Wall Street Journal recently stated: "Democratic Gov. John Kitzhaber promised to lead the nation on Obamacare and he did -- from behind. The worst-in-America launch collapsed even harder than The exchange website known as Cover Oregon still hasn't enrolled one person, and the state has spent about $7 million signing up merely 69,000 people manually using paper applications."

An internal audit ordered by Kitzhaber concludes that Cover Oregon's architects were doomed by multi-agency bureaucratic confusion with no quality control or accountability for results. Investigators at the KATU news station uncovered evidence suggesting that Cover Oregon officials created a fake website to create the illusion of progress for the feds, who made Obamacare grants that totalled $303 million."

When you have to resort to fake websites to convince people your effort is working, it is a clear sign that it is not. The jury will be out until the 2014 mid-term election and then it will be judged by voters.

Marc Miller


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