Opera days will be missed

May 6, 2014 

A very sincere "thank you" to McKendree University on behalf of the group of 50 or so devoted fans who attended the Metropolitan Opera deries, streamed live on Saturday afternoons by the university at the Hettenhausen theater. To see these beautiful productions in a very comfortable setting on this side of the river was a treat not to be missed by we who love opera but no longer can or wish to fight traffic and construction in the big city across the river.

Unfortunately, at the last performance we were informed that Mc-Kendree would not continue the Metropolitan Operas next season due to seven dates that conflict with college activities. We understand that students always come first and continue to be grateful for the university's great involvement in all things community.

We have sincerely appreciated the opportunity to continue to enrich our lives with this magnificent music, beautiful costuming and the retelling of these historical tales. Hopefully, McKendree will revisit its option to offer opera again in the future. A small, dark room with a big screen is all we need.

Adrienne Villotti


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