Not so extreme after all

May 7, 2014 

As much as progressive liberals like to proclaim conservatives and groups such as the Tea Party as extremist and racist for their views of limited federalism, they have a huge problem.

First, both parties are responsible for the massive deficit spending; however, liberalism exists in both parties.

Second, the conservative principle of tax rate reductions creates an increase of revenues coming in to the federal government. For when consumers and businesses have more of their money, they spend more creating more revenues in taxation on those purchases. Regulations and higher taxation deters private sector growth.

Third, our economic collapse is the result of the progressive liberalism's intuitive the Community Reinvestment Act for low-income home ownership, imposed on banks and other lending institutions. Because of the sub-prime mortgages and the housing bubble bursting, the economic domino effect started.

With a economy that has tanked, baby boomers going on Social Security, 12.8 million on welfare and 46 million on food stamps, where does the money come from to pay for this progressive liberal welfare state?

Forty-three percent of Americans don't pay federal income taxes, the number of individuals in the workforce (within the private sector) has shrank by more than 8.3 million under President Obama and underemployment is at 19.1 percent. Taxation and regulations deter private sector spending; thus, how far do you want to tax the wealthy?

We have a national debt of $17.5 trillion. No nation can survive with such debt; eventually our economy will completely collapse. Therefore, how extreme are conservatives?

Russell C. Fette


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