Learn How to Color Your World

May 9, 2014 

Kathleen Kaiser
Contributing Writer

After what seemed to be the World’s Longest Winter EVER, everyone is ready for spring and summer to arrive. Along with the changing of the seasons each year, comes the changing of the colors in our wardrobe. We move from those drab and lifeless fall and winter shades into spring and summer, when the fashion world seems to “turn up the volume” with all those bright and colorful hues.

For 2014, welcome to the shades that fashion designers and fashion colorists alike are calling an array of Colorful Equilibrium. From the Placid Blue, Violet Tulip and Dazzling Blue shades, to the neutral palette of Hemlock, Paloma and Sand, to the bright and airy feel of Freesia, Cayenne and the signature shade of the season, Radiant Orchid - all of the shades of the season are bright, airy and totally interchangeable.

While fashionistas find that putting the latest fashion trends together in their own wardrobe is fun and exciting, many women find that incorporating the new shades of color into “their lives” is a daunting task, filled with angst, turmoil and discontent.

According to Christina Keck, Co-owner with her husband Jason of Peace by Piece in downtown Belleville, “Mixing color into your life through fashion is the perfect way to brighten your mood. The vibrant, yet functional palette of colors for spring and summer this year are easy to mix-and-match along with many garments you already have in your wardrobe. Many of our customers come in thinking I just want to stick with the shades I am accustomed to wearing, but once they broaden their mind to trying a new shade of blue, or yellow, or even the new shade of Radiant Orchid this season, they might be surprised how incredible these new colors make them look and feel. We are constantly hearing “I would never have tried this color on if you wouldn’t have made me, and I absolutely love it!”

“It is also important to know that you really cannot make a faux pas when it comes to wearing a particular color any time of year,” Christina added. “So many women grew up learning “the rules” of how you couldn’t wear bright white in winter or brown in the summer. Those rules no longer apply. You can incorporate bright colors with soft neutrals, or pastels and vibrant colors with cool hues like brown and black too. All of the staff at Peace by Piece are experts in aiding our customers with thinking “out-of-the-box” when it comes to color and the styles that will make their wardrobe seem new and exciting with just a few additions for each season."

To make the most of the colors for spring and summer, blend them into your makeup selections to enhance the look and feel of what you are wearing. According to Beth Regensberger, Advanced Color Consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics, all the new colors of the season are available in makeup too. “Each season the colors in makeup change, right along with fashion. Learning how to enhance your clothing selections with the right shades of makeup, can totally complete your look.”

Key Rules to Remember:
1. If you are wearing one or more of the new vibrant colors of the season, it is best to wear a more natural palette of make-up. It lets the colors from the outfit shine, without conflicting with the colors on your face.
2. If you are wearing white or pastel colors, you can then add more POP to your eye shadow and lips to bring a more eye catching palette to your face, since it is not competing with your outfit.

What colors look best with your eye color:
1. If you have Brown eyes - the sky is the limit - you can wear any color that makes you feel good, as they will all work!
2. If your eyes are blue - choose colors that are brown hues, which makes the blue of your eyes stand out.
3. If you have green or hazel eyes - try the brown or purples hues to enhance your eyes. Many of the new colors this season too, just like in fashion, are making their way from the runway to the mainstream consumer. With Spring and Summer upon us, it’s time to venture out into the beautiful weather and stroll down the street, making your way as the New Fashionista about town.

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