Is it just me, or is the grass greener than it has ever been?

May 9, 2014 

Is it just me, or is the grass greener than it has ever been?

The one winter I don’t have a long weekend or week-long vacation planned in a tropical locale is the worst winter in 30 years (that isn’t a scientific fact, just how I feel about it). I’m not bitter or anything. Just to the point that I have vowed to John that it will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. I’m already planning next February’s trip. Of course, it will probably be 60 degrees here. But who cares? We’ll be in Mexico!

I’m just not cut out for cold weather. I spent four very hot summers in Palm Springs (122 degrees is hot, even if there’s no humidity) and lasted only one frigid winter in Chicago. I literally cried as I walked the streets during my apartment search (by the way, selling my car = worst idea ever). Why oh why had I moved to such a cold, inhospitable place?!

After that, I moved to the St. Louis area and we’ve had fairly mild winters since. Sure, we get the occasional ice storm and a dusting of snow. But 14 inches of snow and below zero temperatures? This past winter was too much.

I love leaving the house each morning and NOT going to the closet for a coat, gloves and scarf. I was so programmed to do it, sometimes I still automatically head that way in the morning. Admittedly, I do wear gloves when it’s 50 degrees outside, so I was probably bundled up more and longer than most.

But for now, I’m happy because the grass truly is greener.

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