No way to run an airport

May 9, 2014 

Now we get news of the Peter Principle hard at work. MidAmerica Airport Director Tim Cantwell is put in a position that he can't handle and given a raise in salary.

These questions come to mind:

* Has Cantwell ever been head of a commercial enterprise before this?

* Does he know what he is doing?

* Is MidAmerica showing a profit?

* Does he know what is needed to really make the airport viable?

* Why is the airport allowed to continue bleeding money every year?

It is my opinion that the first four would be answered "no."

The question about why the airport is allowed to continue is political: It is a jelly bean jar (Democrat Party patronage jobs).

I certainly know what needs to be done to make the airport a buzz of activity. One of the first moves would to hire someone who does know. The other the airport needs to be turned over to a non-elected management authority divorced from politics.

H. Ray Sigler


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