BND underplayed new saints

May 9, 2014 

On April 27, Pope John Paul ll and Pope John XXIII were canonized in Rome by Pope Francis. As Catholics, we are familiar with our saints who have been inspirations and models for all of us down through history. However, Regarding St. John Paul II, he is a modern, right now and today saint who lived among us, with very many right in our community who have had the privilege of being in his presence. That alone would be worthy of significant news coverage. Something else newsworthy was that his message was of love.

Each and every person the pope came in contact with was considered by the pope to be a special, unique person worthy of being loved. He gave them the respect, dignity and love that every human being desires.

The gifts St. John Paul II gave to the world are too numerous to begin to mention here, but all his work was centered on love. I'm sorry that our BND missed the chance to report, more significantly than just the article printed, on not only an historic yet modern, joyful event in our midst but also to spread some very, very good news.

Ann Polka


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