Derby Day disappointment

May 9, 2014 

My husband and I were going to Fairmount Park last Saturday to place our bets for the Kentucky Derby. Seeing the newspaper, we decided to see if the horses for the race were listed. Surprisingly they were, as some previous years they we not.

My husband thought it odd that there wasn't a No. 1 horse, but thought maybe it had been scratched and didn't worry about it. We made our picks and off to Collinsville we went.

My son joined us, and we stopped to eat before going to the racetrack. While discussing our picks, my husband mentioned to my son the missing No. 1 and kind of laughed. He mentioned cutting out the Cardinal schedule and noticing a mistake with a Cubs series and another error.

My son took out his phone to see whether the schedule in the paper was the same as from the Internet. Imagine our surprise when there was a No. 1 horse and the other horses were wrong numbers 1 - 11.

Now, how in the world could this happen? There's only one Kentucky Derby each year and it was wrong? Do you have a proofreader? Do you know how confusing, expensive and embarrassing it could have been had we only looked at your newspaper?

I've seen many errors in your paper in the past but figured mistakes can happen. Does this mean your other news is not giving us facts?

This is pretty bad press.

Connie Yeager


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