Real Estate: What's your neighbor's home selling for?

News-DemocratMay 11, 2014 

Recent real estate transactions in the metro-east, including St. clair and Monroe counties:



* 1317 Floradora; from Susan S. Boyles; to Joseph L. Foote; $88,500.

* 105 S. Pennsylvania Ave.; from Nickolas Eddy and Nicole Eddy; to Ryan Mahoney; $117,500.

* 776 Glen Mor; from Christopher J. Lee Garcia and Melissa L. Garcia; to Rita B. Yarcho and Thomas Yarcho; $170,000.

* 2436 Fourlakes Drive; from Mark Tinnel and Kimberly Tinnel; to Karl Ulbrich; $201,500.

* 47 Superior Drive; from Justine Petersen Housing; to Meagan Kuehnel; $61,000.

* 4211 Erna St.; from Laura L. Cook; to Mark L. Hansard and Tracy A. Hansard; $88,000.

* 3605 Sheridian; from Tracy L. Schenewerk; to Jason M. Fields and Ardeth M. Fields; $80,000.


* 1222 Williams St.; from Peoples National Bank; to Yvonne A. Williams; $6,500.


* 809 Blackwig Lane; from Kevin Barks; to Kasey Crowder; $85,000.


* 255 Arbor Meadows Court; from Terry Thies and M. Lynn Thies; to Jonathan Frederick and Sarah Frederick; $259,000.


* 134 St. Christopher Court; from JLP Construction Company; to The Yankey Family Trust; $158,500.


* 41 Rhineland; from Christopher Kazmier and Bethay Kazmier; to Micheal Amann and Rebecca Amann; $245,000.


* 420 Dartmouth Drive; from Karen M. Zimmerman and Gerald A. Zimmerman; to Tyler Lauderdale and Heather Lauderdale; $114,000.


* 318 Berwick Crossing; from TTW, LLC; to William G. Washburn; $203,000.

* 215 Eden Park Blvd.; from Robin Bond, Robyn Bone; to Jane Hutson; $278,000.


* 4927 Kinsale Court; from Homes By Design Inc.; to Patrick Brady and Denise Brady; $310,000.


* 127 Pine Dale Drive; Dale Goldsmith and Linda Goldsmith; to Stephen C. Mather and Patricia L. Mather; $175,000.

* 315 Caulfield Drive; from John Cariglio and Elaine Cariglio; to National Residential Nominee Services Inc.; $300,000.

* 315 Caulfield Drive; from National Residential Nominee Services Inc.; to Hiral R. Patel; $290,000.



* 15008 Campbell Lane; from Donald P. Steele; to Judith E. Jollenbeck; $120,000.

* 119 E. Crestview Drive; Carol E. Reichert, Trustee and Earl A. Reichert, Trustee; to Michael J. Bagsby; $57,000.


* 321 W. Woodland Ridge; from Collena H. Ahrens and Timothy D. Ahrens Jr.; to Kenneth D. Johnson and Crickett M. Leber; $195,000.


* 5434 Second St.; from Michael J. Bagsby and Kelly Sams; to George B. Fudge and Phyllis M. Fudge; $105,000.

* 430 Sunset Drive; from Colleen D. Beckner; to Amanda Kistner and John Kistner; $150,000.

* 7375 State Route 156; from Diane L. Cowden and James P. Cowden; to Collena H. Ahrens, Trustee and Timothy D. Ahrens Jr., Trustee, Timothy & Collena Ahrens Family Trust; $310,000.

* 207 E. Halifax Drive; from Quantum Homes Inc.; to Judy L. Fowler and Robert J. Fowler; $260,000.

* 302 E. First St.; from Three Guys Development Inc.; to Two Silver Keys LLC; $468,000.

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